Severe Joint Pain Treatment

Severe joint pain can be caused by numerous ailments, but the most common in Australia as our country gets older is Arthritis. But it doesn’t just stop there. Accidents and injury can cause this chronic pain and there’s only so much that physical therapies, surgeries and medication can do. Joint pain relief doesn’t have to be a distant dream. There are other ways to combat against painful joints. Stem cell therapy is one of them.

Chronic joint pain is most often caused by the cartilage that surrounds our bones becoming thinner and weaker. Meaning the bones at the joints rub together, causing a painful friction. Leaving this untreated can lead to more severe strains of joint pain, arthritis and in a severe even, Rheumatoid arthritis, that can eventually restrict movement. To prevent sore joints, lowering high impact sports is suggested. If, however, high impact is your thing, there are soles of medically approved shoes that help to absorb the impact of the ground against your joints. If it’s already too far gone, and that cartilage of yours is weakened, stem cell therapy is now being labelled as a tool to treat this chronic joint pain.

Stem cell therapy is the procedure of injecting new adult cells into the damaged tissue and letting the cartilage around the bone repair itself, leaving the sore joint relieved of pain and able to move freely again. The stem cells are usually found within another part of the patient’s body and are moved via non-invasive surgical injections. Australia is leading the way on severe joint pain relief via stem cell replacement therapy.

Chronic joint pain is something that many of us will suffer as we get older, but it’s an exciting prospect to know that our future may not be as stiff and pain filled as we once thought. Joint pain relief is coming to us and it’s coming via stem cell research. Say goodbye to sore joints and damaged cartilage and say hello to stem cell therapy.



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Why Integrative Medicine with Dr. Michael Belich?

Dr. Belich, (Pictured on the right with the world’s leading Stem Cell researcher Dr. Purita), is the principal doctor of Integrative Medical Clinics and obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of NSW.

Dr. Belich is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and is a member of Australian Academy A5M of Anti-Ageing Medicine and holds a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from the Walsh Institute, Illinois USA. Dr Belich has trained extensively with Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Joe Purita in the USA who is one of the world leaders in Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine.