Stem Cells and Knee Repairs

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Knee pain is a common occurrence for those of us who are active. Injury or stress on the knee from high impact sports like basketball, hockey and even running on certain surfaces causes the cartilage in our knees to wear away. We can decrease the risk of injury and pain in the knee by keeping active with low impact sports, like swimming, however sometimes there are just days when you want to play a good game of one on one on the court.

For knee injury and pain there isn’t a whole lot we can do, left untreated it can lead to arthritis and even surgery. But consequently, the only way to treat pain around this area is with simple pain relief. For more severe cases this doesn’t work and you are left stiff and sore in an area that is used most in our lives. In some cases the knee pain is so bad that it can affect your ability to walk and move properly, unable to even be properly active. Stem cell treatment for knee pain is pushing past these barriers, and giving sufferers a light at the end of the tunnel to end their knee problems.

Previously, stem cell therapy has been used for cancer patients. The cancer attacks the cells and the stem cells replace the old cells letting the body repair itself. This technology is the same for knee cartilage repair. The stem cells are injected into the joint and the old cells are replaced and repaired with the new stem cells, meaning that with just one simple injection the cartilage is given the opportunity to repair itself and the knee pain is vastly minimised within a few short hours. This means that invasive surgery is no longer needed and the patient is rid of the injury or disease that caused the problem in the first place.

This has been a major breakthrough in knee cartilage repair, stem cell therapy has been on people’s minds for years, and now it’s finally being able to be used in everyday life. The results from the labs across the world over are in and they are bearing good news. News that brings the end to knee problems and arthritic pain for people across Australia and the planet. We are staring at a future without pain and stiffness, and it’s a future that looks brighter for everyone.

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